Turkmenistan has allowed foreign cargo carriers to transit on a new route

Since June 25, Turkmenistan has allowed foreign cargo carriers to transit along the route of the checkpoint "Lutfabad (Iran) – Artyk (Turkmenistan)" – checkpoint "Farap (Turkmenistan) – Alat (Uzbekistan)" – checkpoint "Artyk (Turkmenistan) – Lutfabat (Iran)" with drivers. When entering the crossing point of the state border of Turkmenistan, foreign drivers are obliged to: – provide all the documentation necessary for the registration of the transit procedure, – pass the established sanitary treatment of the vehicle, – to undergo rapid testing for COVID-19 and, based on its results, obtain a transit permit. Drivers must also have: – official document on vaccination from COVID-19 (for a period of at least 42 days after the last vaccination), – a document confirming the presence of antibodies against COVID-19, – certificate of passing the COVID-19 test for a period of no more than 72 hours from the date of its issuance. The availability of the above documents will allow foreign drivers to transit through Turkmenistan without undergoing quarantine supervision. Transit through the country is carried out on a contactless basis as part of a convoy along a pre-determined route accompanied by traffic police during daylight hours starting at 08:00. Along the route of the convoy, special parking lots are provided for recreation, repairs, refueling, and food purchases. Earlier, under similar conditions, Turkmenistan allowed cargo carriers to transit through the country on route CHECKPOINT "Serakhs (Iran) – Serakhs (Turkmenistan)" – CHECKPOINT "Farap (Turkmenistan) – Alat (Uzbekistan)" – CHECKPOINT "Serakhs (Turkmenistan) – Serakhs (Iran)".

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