Iran intends to increase the capacity of the railway to Turkmenistan

On Saturday, the executive director of the Iran Transport Development Fund announced the possibility of using the financial resources of Russia and India to implement transport infrastructure projects in the country. Given the strong position of the Central Asian states in the field of rail transport, there are more opportunities to use the capacity of the railways in the North-South corridor, he said, adding that there are significant projects in eastern Iran to strengthen and develop infrastructure in this direction. Thus, according to him, most of the needs of the regional transport system can be met by increasing the capacity of the railway from the port of Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan through the Incheburun crossing, as well as Serakhs, Tasnim news reports. To use the full potential of the North-South corridor, Iran also needs to strengthen the transport network in the Caspian by creating more contacts with the ports of the Caspian states, Danesh Jafari said. The Iranian Transport Development Fund was recently established to increase funding for transport projects.

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