The transport and logistics center of Turkmenistan and Russian Railways will start sending goods along the ITC "North-South"

The Transport and Logistics Center of Turkmenistan OJSC, together with RZD Logistics, will launch the transportation of containers from the Selyatino railway station in the Moscow region to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas as part of the development of the eastern branch of the North-South international transport corridor. Cargo transportation will be carried out through Serakhs station. In addition, to increase the profitability of export operations and transportation of perishable products, refrigerated wagons will be launched along the new route. It is noted that in the future the number of such shipments should increase to 5-6 per month. The launch of the new route is connected with the growing needs of customers and shippers in the region. The eastern branch of the North-South ITC, which passes through the territory of Turkmenistan, ensures the uninterrupted delivery of products from the industrial regions of Central Russia and North-West Russia to the South Asian market, including through Iranian ports. Thus, the created infrastructure allows increasing the local potential for the production of goods for further export.

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