Türkmendenizderýaýollary Targets Investment Projects on Merchant Marine Fleet Development

Türkmendeňizderýaýollary (Turkmen Maritime and River Transport) Agency informed about its readiness to realize investment projects on development of Turkmen merchant marine fleet on the Caspian Sea.

According to the press service of the Agency, these investment projects will increase competitiveness, including expansion of cargo turnover in the field of export-import, as well as meet the growing demand for maritime transportation services.

One of the important projects is the construction of dry-cargo vessels, an oil and debris removal vessel and Ro-Pax ferries. Currently, there are already four ferries of this type, which regularly carry out transportation between the ports of Baku (Azerbaijan) and Turkmenbashi.

The Agency informed of the plans to expand the route network to include the ports of Makhachkala (Russia), Kuryk (Kazakhstan) and Astrakhan (Russia).

In addition, the Balkan shipyard on the Caspian Sea plans to fulfill orders for the construction of vessels, including oil tankers, supply vessels, multipurpose dry bulk carriers and dredging vessels.

There is also a significant demand for tankers to transport oil and oil products from local ports of Ekerem, Alaja and Turkmenbashi, according to the report.

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